"Carers often find it difficult to book residential respite in advance, making it difficult to plan ahead, including for holidays and elective surgery. Many residential respite care providers do not use the MAC service as they are unaware of the demand for respite or how they can advertise respite beds while many carers, particularly those who do not have access to the MAC website or are not confident navigating it, find themselves directly calling around potential providers. It would be extremely helpful for carers, and the services that support them, if there was a real time booking system available to support their respite needs. The booking system could enable providers to list respite vacancies and carers to register their requirements."

1. Aged Care Assessment (ACAT/ASAS)
2. Respite
3. What is residential respite accommodation?
4. What is residential respite care?
5. Who can access residential respite care?
6. What is Referral Code?
7. Why do people use residential respite care?
8. How Long Can I stay in residential respite accommodation?
9. Is there fee to use this platform to request booking?